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Leveled would like to wish everyone a very safe and Happy New Year!  We appreciate all the love and support we had in 2002, and we're going to keep feeding off that in 2003!  Let's kick off the year right on January 25th at The Thirsty Whale!!!  See you there!

The CD Release party went off without a hitch!  Thanks to everyone that came out to support the new CD, "it's time…".  We had a killer time.  Thanks to Once Pure, Product of Thought, Liquid 6 Teen and The Favors for helping us kick off the CD.  If you haven't purchased your copy of "it's time…" you can pick one up at any one of our shows, or e-mail


Well, it's official…our fans did it again!!!
LEVELED won The Local Rumble!!!

THANK YOU to everyone that came out to  the live Sunday night shows (we know Sunday's SUCK), voted online, and offered TONS of support!  We are nothing without our fans!  Congratulations to all of the bands that made it into the Rumble! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to Bullfrog's last night and voted!  Your votes put LEVELED in The Local
Rumble finals! 

When Local heavy metal rock band Leveled hit the stage this past Saturday at The Hi5, it started with the guitarist stroking his Gibson explorer and letting out a thick distortion growl that only a half stack Mesa Boogie amp can deliver. Yet surprisingly after the first growl, the band started the set with a three minute jazz  intro while front man "Bodacious Billy", as he termed himself, introduced the other members of the band. You could tell their loyal crowd of 60-80 folks were hungry for the volume and ready for the ferocous growls of the band. The band began its thunderous assault of heavy guitar riffs that were reminiscent of TOOL with integrated time signatures and heavy guitar/bass riffs. The band displayed a particular recipe for its songs: clean vocal verses backed by bass guitar, eventually finding its way to a growling  vocal choruses with a heavy rock guitar muster. The lead singer had the ladies going as well with his devilish good looks, blonde frosted highlights and ever present stage stompin, charisma. The entire band had excellent rapport with the heavy rock crowd.

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